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Set Up Your Own Business

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The Final Stage



Set Up Your Own Business  The Final Stage




You've made it this far! The last part is relatively easy but a little time-consuming. Just follow these instructions:

1. First, sign up for a web site. The one I've used is DoYourOwnSite. They make site-building VERY SIMPLE. It's FREE for a 30-day trial period. (What's more you can get a hefty bonus every time you get someone else to sign up to do the same thing as you're doing now. Yet another way to make money on the Internet!!) However, once you're ready to publish you must pay a small monthly subscription to have DoYourOwnSite launch and maintain your site. Still, I recommend them. But I promised you could do all this for FREE so, first of all, see if Geocities or iVillage appeal to you. Both of these sites have easy step-by-step instructions and give lots of help. 50megs.com is also very good. If you want to look around some more before deciding which free website to choose, then browse the information on 100FreeWebSpaceProviders . But if you haven't got what you want after this, you're just being too fussy!!

2. Once you've signed up for your free website, you can start to build your own site by copying my pages on to your site. Copy each page in turn, then go to each of the pages you have set up and paste the copy on to your own page. Depending on which website builder you choose, you'll either be able to copy direct or you may have to copy and paste in HTML. If you need HTML, go to my pages, click on View and then choose Source. Then copy the HTML text shown and paste as usual.

Once you've sorted out your web page and done all the copying and pasting, the hard part is over. Breathe a sigh of relief!

3. Now comes the time consuming part - you may want to come back and do this over a few sessions:

Go to each of the sites listed on my Links page. If you haven't already started joining them, now is the time to join as many as you want (as you did on The Answer page) and wait for your welcome confirmation emails. If you don't want to do them all, of course you don't have to - but it means that your own 'Links' page won't contain as many signup possiblities - so less potential earnings for you!

Using the information sent in your confirmation emails, set up a new Word document called 'Paid URLs' and paste each of your referral links that you received on your confirmation letters on to this page so that you've got them all handy in one place. Print out your document when you've finished.

Go back to your own website, take out my referral links and put in your own. Your web builder should tell you how to add links. DoYourOwnSite do it all for you (which is the main reason I recommend them. I'm no great shakes with HTML myself!!). iVillage also have just as easy a way of adding links.

Don't forget to change any other information on the site you're building so that it contains your own information e.g. email address. (If you don't, I'll be getting some of your signup income!).

The final task is to get yourself a free Autobot account so they can follow up on your email enquiries for you - once they have become too numerous for you to handle!

Once you're satisfied with your website, go PUBLISH!!!!

Of course, you'll need to sign up with a few traffic generator sites to get your site seen. The 'click-exchange' ones are free and the most fun to use. Click on Site Promotion on the Menu on the left for suggestions on how to get going. (If you've followed my instructions so far, you've probably already signed up for some of the sites that can help you when you joined them from my Links page. But there may be some you haven't tried yet, so check back to the Links page again when you're ready, just to make sure.)

All this, from start to finish, can be done well within a week.


Be lucky!


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