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Set Up Your Own Business

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How to get instant hits to your new business

It’s not rocket science but it is indeed a mystery to a lot of people! Getting traffic and hits is like the Holy Grail of the Internet. This page will show you how to get hits and signups to your site immediately!

Here are 5 different programs to get hits NOW without going throught the hassle of registering with a search engine, getting indexed, and then waiting 3 months to get hits.

Just go to each of these, sign up, use them, and you will start getting hits and signups…it’s really that simple. They also allow you to purchase traffic - which is up to you.

FIRST HINT: Once you've got the hang of it, try working with more than one site at once. For instance, try opening ClickThru, Eternal Hits, I Love Clicks and TrafficG in 4 separate browser windows and then you can have one program surfing in each window. Now you can just go from one to the next to the next and you will be generating 4 clicks to your site every 30 seconds! Clever, isn't it? Enjoy!

Here's another good one!
This program gives you credits (hits) just for opening an account!

SECOND HINT: For really excellent advice on promoting your site you can't do better than go to SelfPromotion. You'll find some wonderful stuff there.

THIRD HINT: Once you've got used to promoting your site on the click-thru programs, you might like to try one or two safelists so you can send occasional emails to selected addresses. (Only use safelists or you'll be accused of spamming!) Three of the biggest ones I use are BusinessWorldList, Safelister and AdTactics .

I admit I've had great success with safelists myself, so here are a few more for you to try if you want the same success:


They all have a FREE option.

FOURTH HINT: The very best FREE advertising can be found at Kesefkal Sign up with them today and get maximum exposure for your site (plus the chance to win 2 billion free ads!)

That's about it. You should be all set up now.

Don't let the 'big boys' make all the money. There's room out there for the 'small ones' like us as well!

Be lucky!




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