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Jadeite from Khakasinterservice Corporation



Жадеит - Императорский камень для Вашей бани и сауны




The cost and popularity of precious stones are determined by the following parameters: 1) physical properties; 2) durability; 3)variety and beauty; 4) rarity; 5)worship in religions and 6) fashion. Taking into consideration these factors, all nations in all times undoubtedly have been estimating diamond as stone number one, but the second place was given to various stones depending on the region. In South-East Asia many cultures appreciate jadeite as stone number two.
For many centuries in China jadeite was the privilege of high rank aristocracy. Symbolizing five main virtues: mercy, modesty, bravery, justice and wisdom, it was considered to be the predecessor of all precious stones. Chinese and Japanese emperors wore jadeite jewelry, slept on jadeite pillows and ate from jadeite dishes.

In the East they believe in magic force of this stone. It is considered that, if an accident occurs, jadeite will break, saving life and health of its owner. The Chinese think that jadeite items, situated pretty close to a man, bring him health and influence him positively. The best compliment for a Chinese woman is "You are as beautiful as jadeite". Every Chinese tries to save money to buy something made of jadeite. The possession of jadeite souvenirs and jewelry by the hosts is evidence of high income and position in society of this family.
In accent times jadeite was known not only in the East. They say, that when Kortes worked his way destroying Atstecks' empire, capturing gold, silver and emeralds, Montesuma said to his followers: "Thanks God, they don't know about jade".
The Maya appreciated jadeite more then gold and all precious stones. In ancient Mexico jadeite was considered to be a medicine curing mortal diseases.
Nowadays jadeite occupies the fifth position in the scale of sales volume of all gem stone raw materials, going past diamonds, emeralds, rubies and opals, superior to sapphires. All in all there are eight deposits of jadeite in the world. Burma is the main supplier of this stone in the world market. Several times a year trade houses "Christie"and "Sotheby" hold in Hong Kong specialized auctions of jadeite items, the prices for which can reach several million dollars.

Why jadeite is better then other stones for sauna?

1. Jadeite is the only semi-precious stone, which can be used for sauna thanks to its properties;
2. The combination of the highest strength factor and ultimate resistance with the lowest coefficient of water absorption makes this stone absolutely safe for usage in your sauna.
3. Having an extremely high density and, at the same time, low thermal conductivity jadeite can transfer maximum convective heat for a long period of time. This fact provides maximum long-lasting preservation of "light steam".
4. According to scientific research in gemmo (lito)-therapy, jadeite as stone - stabilizer has concentric positive energetic influence upon person: it strengthens the nervous system, makes even arterial pressure, softens blood vessels, improves blood structure, reinforces men's potency, cures kidneys and urinary ways' diseases. These properties heighten in heated stone.
5. Jadeite is the most beautiful natural material, which has ever been used in saunas.
6. Thanks to its unique physical and mechanical properties jadeite is the most long - lasting stone for sauna.

"Jadeite saunas" are rather popular abroad. The most fashionable and prestigious complexes consider it's a must to provide their saunas with jadeite. (One hour spent in jadeite sauna "Juvenex" located in New York at 25 West 32nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway costs 100 US Dollars).

The main physical and mechanical properties
of jadeite of Boruss deposit

Objectively some physical and mechanical properties of jadeite, extracted by "Khkasinterservice Corporation" at Sokhatiniy site, Boruss deposit in the Western Sayan, are ones of the highest in the world.

This is proved by the research carried out by
Irkutsk Geological and Geophysics Institute, Siberian branch of Science Academy of the USSR. Identical testimonial was given by scientists from GIA - Gemmological Institute of America (Santa Monica) and Gemmological Association of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, Department of Physics.
The main physical and mechanical properties of jadeite of Boruss deposit are given below:

Ultimate resistance
in compression, Kg/sm2 3640 - 9320

Density, Gr/sm3 3.43

Hardness in
Moos scale 7

Strength category in
20 points scale 20

Melting temperature 1000 - 1060 °

Total porosity, in % 0.3-0.5

Water absorption, in % 0.01 - 0.03

Jadeite has an extremely high viscosity. It is sawed by diamond only. It is not dissolved in acids. Jadeite remains integral in blades up to 0,4 mm thin. This stone is characterized by weak thermo- and electric conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion.
According to certificates issued by Sanitary Epidemic Inspection Centers of Moscow and the Republic of Khakassia, extracted jadeite corresponds to the first class of radioactive safety norms (RSN-99) in concern of natural radio-nuclides, and it can be used without any limit in concern of radioactive factor.

Jadeite from "Khakasinterservice" Corporation

Jadeite, offered by "Khakasinterservice" Corp., is natural, ecologically pure stone, extracted at the Boruss jadeite deposit in Western Sayan. The site exploited by the enterprise is situated in a mountain-taiga region near by the Yenisey river at 2000 meters height. This region is highly ecological and extremely difficult to reach. Because of climatic conditions, jadeite can be extracted only 5 months a year. The nearest settlement is situated in 40 kilometers along the Yenisey river from the deposit.
Up till present jadeite has been little known in Russia, because jadeite deposits were not exploited on the territory of our country, and the USSR did not purchase semi-precious stones abroad. Today "Khakasinterservice" Corp. is the only enterprise, which extracts and processes jadeite in Russia.
For sauna and spa we use specially chosen and processed stone, which perfectly satisfies the demands put forward to it. For this purpose medium and coarse grain jadeite is chosen, so that sauna stone could keep heat better and could provide "light steam" production.
We offer sauna stone in two fractions, differ in degree of processing: 1)grinded; 2) polished.
Eventually convective heat transfer of stones becomes lower, they crumble and are liable to change. Jadeite is the most durable natural material for saunas, thus it is used two - three times longer.
After the change of your jadeite set, do not hurry to throw it away, as the absence of jewelry inclusions on the surface of the stone does not mean the absence of jewelry jadeite inside the stone. Thus, having bought a sauna set for low price, you could possibly become the owner of a sample which would bring you a fortune. One gram (5 carat) of jewelry jadeite can cost up to $ 50 000.

"Khakasinterservice" Corp. works with
individual orders for monolith blocks, tiles, stone for aquariums, souvenirs and jewelry made of jadeite.



655004, Russia, Republic of Khakassia, Abakan,
Sovetskaya street, 167.
Tel: 7-(39022)- 4-68-46
Fax: (39022) 4-71-57

Moscow office: Russia, Moscow,
Sadovaya-Spasskaya st. 1/2, block 4.

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